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Ceramics Created From 100% Waste


The Ceramext™ technology is expected to produce many high-grade products suitable for marketing at a competitive price.

Approximately 50 recycled feed materials have been tested. Some tile examples include:

Ceramext tile examples

Floor and wall tile

Ceramext floor and wall tilesFloor and wall tile that is of porcelain grade has been produced with a range of attractive earth tone colors. The tile shown here has been manufactured to produce a strong impermeable porcelain quality tile, with no additional additives.

Tiles of various colors including white, black, beige, and even subtle greens are easily produced with no additives; the tile color will depend on the specific type of ash/mine waste being utilized. Relief designs are available.

Mineral additives can produce an infinite combination of natural stone appearances and textures. Glazes in any color can be applied, if desired.

Pavers and landscape stones

Ceramext™-produced pavers and landscape stones are impervious to water and well-suited for outdoor use. They will not absorb water causing them to freeze, crack or break.

Ceramext roofing tiles

Roofing and siding tile

Roofing tiles produced with the Ceramext™ technology are stronger and lighter than conventional cement and standard glazed ceramic roofing tile. These tiles have excellent freeze-thaw qualities. Curved and conventional irregular shapes can be produced.