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Ceramics Created From 100% Waste

Company Profile

Ceramext, LLC is a Nevada Limited Liability Company organized to develop and license the revolutionary new Ceramext™ technology.

The Ceramext technology includes US Patent Nos.: 7,704,907, 8,216, 955, and 8,901,023 titled "Synthesized Hybrid Rock Composition, Method, and Article Formed by the Method"; US Pat. No. 6,547,550 "Apparatus for Hot Vacuum Extrusion of Ceramics", and US Patent No. 9,102,569 "Process for Hot-Forging Synthetic Ceramic." Ceramext holds related patents in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.

Ross Guenther, General Manager

Ross has had more than 50 years of experience in the mining industry. He has worked as a miner and geologist in mineral exploration, mining operations, mineral processing, and mine finance.

Twenty-five years ago, during an attempt to stabilize and add value to gold mine tailings by using them to produce ceramic products, he developed the Ceramext technology. The first tiles successfully produced using Ceramext technology were made with a prototype machine built by Ross in his garage. Subsequently he found that other materials, such as reservoir sediments, quarry fines, biomass ash, coal fly ash and other waste materials also made excellent ceramic products including high quality floor, wall and roof tiles, building cladding, bricks, pavers, countertops and other ceramic products suitable for marketing at competitive prices.

Ceramext, LLC is working with several ceramic engineers and material scientists to continue to successfully build pilot plants using the Ceramext technology. Several thousand square feet of tile have been produced in these plants and have been installed in commercial and residential buildings.